Krav Maga November Auckland Ability Testing & Grading Levels 1-4

Krav Maga Auckland Ability Test
28.11.2020 12:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Auckland Domain


Our Krav Maga Ability Test is a public event where dedicated students learning Krav Maga Self Defence at our training centre put their skills, attitude and determination to the ultimate challenge! This Saturday we test the ability of our members to survive violence at the beginner/intermediate levels of our Krav Fighter grading system - levels 1-4. If you heard about Krav Maga and are not quite sure what kind of skills you'll be able to develop by training at Krav Fighter, one way to find out is to come to Auckland Domain this Saturday and see how our members train and get tested by our instructors.

If you tried Krav Maga elsewhere and weren't confident that what and how you trained could help you survive in reality, come along and see how we train first hand. Not all Krav Maga is the same, and not every Krav Maga organisation has the instructors trained by Israeli counter terror and police specialists. A violent threat or attack is a serious thing, and training to survive should also be serious.

We will be training next to the Auckland War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain all day from 12pm onwards, so come out to watch, motivate and support our guys! If you have a limited time, we recommend coming around 3:30pm and staying until the end of the event. If you are unable to come by and watch this Saturday, Book a Trial class and experience training with us first hand!

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